On the road to Emmaus 
Putting Christ into hearts in the heart of West Bend


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9:00 a.m. Family Bible      Hour 

10:15 a.m. Worship Service




Emmaus Bible Church - FaithStreet

Emmaus Bible Church has been serving Christ for over thirty-eight years in West Bend. 
Our Sunday morning service is open to all and includes traditional hymns, Christian songs, prayer, bible reading and teaching.

Coming Events

Christmas Service 12/20
Choir Presentation

Fellowship meal and Caroling following

Christmas Eve Service 6:00

Sunday School Series:
Book study - On the road to Emmaus
(click for excellent online video version)
Chronological teaching
Invigorating discussions! 
Coffee / Water and Snacks are Provided

Awana Clubs Monday at 6:10 - 8:00PM.

Teen Bible Study weekly on Wed at 6:00 PM.


Mission Statement

We will worship and glorify God by:
...sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with individuals, communities, and the world. 
...teaching believers God's Word to encourage them to be Christ-like in their attitudes, actions, and service. 
...providing fellowship aimed at loving care both in the church and community.


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 Recent Sermons
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R Risse - The Relationship of Law Grace
and Faith - 10/4/15

R Risse - Israel Spies Out The Land 11/1/15

R Risse - The Brazen Serpent - Numbers 21 - 11/8/15

R Risse - Israel Under Judges and Kings - 11/15/15

R Risse - Thank You Lord! - 11/22/15

R Risse - The Promised Land Under Kings - 11/29/15

R Risse - God Announces the Birth of the Messiah - 12/6/15

R Risse - God Announces the Birth of the Messiah
part 2 - 12/13/15

Special Speakers

Gracia Burnham - Missionary Hostage 7/14/13

Missionary Presentation - Brian and Annette Kendzora 4/13/14

Kirk Gliebe - From a Jewish Perspective - AM - 11/30/14

Kirk Gliebe - From a Jewish Perspective - PM - 11/30/14 With Q & A

Paul Thyren - A Line Too Far - Gay Marriage - 7/12/15

John Bjorlie - Jesus; Prophet, Priest, and King 7/19/15

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